2.6.30: shorewall and ath5k

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2.6.30: shorewall and ath5k

Robert Vollmert

today I upgraded to linux-image-2.6.30-486-voyage from voyage  
experimental and configured my router as a WPA2 access point with ath5k.

There were two problems; I'm posting so others don't have to spend  
time tracking these down.

1. shorewall failed to start with 2.6.30

This is because 'iptables -D' fails to delete some routes --  
apparently some calls that shorewall makes aren't legal anymore.  
Upgrading shorewall to version 4.4.3 from debian testing solved this.

If 0.7 will be based on lenny, perhaps including an updated shorewall  
would be a good idea.

2. compiling compat-wireless for the voyage kernel had problems with  
the version magic

I installed linux-headers-2.6.30-voyage and linked /lib/modules/
2.6.30-486-voyage/build to /usr/src/linux-headers/2.6.30-voyage.  
compat-wireless built fine, but the install went to /lib/modules/
2.6.30-voyage, and the modules had the wrong version magic causing  
them to not be loadable.

This I fixed by replacing "2.6.30-voyage" by "2.6.30-486-voyage" in /
usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.30-voyage/include/linux/utsrelease.h. (Also  
in include/config/kernel.release as a first try but I think  
utsrelease.h is the important one.)

Did I do something wrong here? Should the header package be different,  
or should one pass some configuration variables to the compat-wireless  

After this, I got one crash with a strangely configure hostapd, but  
for the last couple of hours, I've had an apparently stable ath5k  
access point.

One question: Is wireless performance likely to improve if I properly  
mount the antenna? Currently it's just hanging out of the enclosure by  
its cable, which unfortunately doesn't have a cut-out for mounting an  


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