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Davor Herga
Hello all,

I am installing Voyage MPD for a friend of mine, but he would like to
have the DSD native playback enabled, via DSD_U32_BE from alsa.

I have two problems...

MPD does not support DSD_U32_BE, so I have to build a patched version of
MPD using patches from this site -


I believe it is enough to build patched MPD .deb package on my Ubuntu
laptop and then install it on Voyage MPD. Am I wrong?

My friend has a DAC, which  support for DSD_U32_BE is not yet written in
kernel, but it can be done -


If I want to patch the kernel with the line for my friend's DAC, I must
use at least kernel 3.18 or above. The problem is, that kernel version
in current release is lower (3.16).

Also, I have no experiences in building the kernel in Voyage MPD, so any
help is appreciated. Could it be patched and build on my Ubuntu laptop
and then just simply installed on Voyage MPD machine? Where can I get
the needed files, especially Voyage MPD kernel patches and kernel
sources for kernel 3.18 or above.

I tried both solutions on my Ubuntu laptop, works well, but as already
mentioned I have little experience with Voyage linux.



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