General Broadcast UDP packets on APU2

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General Broadcast UDP packets on APU2

Luciano Minichiello

I’m working on an APU2 board running Voyage Linux snapshot of 14/02/2017.

I configured the 3 etc port with static address editing the  /etc/network/interfaces.d/eth0.conf with this lines

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static
        up route add dev eth0

same configuration (obviously different IP address) is on eth1.conf and eth2.conf.

My application implement a protocol that uses broadcast UDP packet to identify the devices on the local network.
The same application runs perfectly on a Raspberry with Raspbian, but under Voyage the app receives the packet broadcasted to and not to

I need to receive packet broadcasted to both address ( and

Tcpdump receive packets broadcasted to but not the app. Packet sent on runs the application perfectly.

Do you have any suggestion on that issue? I spent some hour investigating this, but without any result.

Any help will be appreciated.



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