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Peter Lambrecht

Hi There,


Just want to say hello to everyone, since I’m new to this mailing list, but have as well a question regarding autostart/autologin to voyage linux. In general, I’m as well pretty new to Linux, so please be patient if I possibly ask some stupid questions. I’m running Voyage Linux on an Alix 1D that will be used as a mini server in my home network. Access for maintenance and administration should be only via terminal/command line and ssh from another machine. Is it possible and if ‘yes’ how to setup the system to autostart/autologin after power on, without the need to locally connect a PS2 keyboard? I would like to have the Alix 1D start up and do what it supposed to do without any login required, but to access the system for maintenance/administration I would like to be asked for credentials – does that make sense? I look already through the web and a Debian Administrator Handbook (which is a very good source for a newbie like me to get going), but couldn’t find anything regarding the autostart. Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance!







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