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Gustin Johnson
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Darshaka Pathirana wrote:

> On 11/11/2009 11:31 PM, Marcel wrote:
>> Hi,
>> i installed Voyage 0.6.2 on my ALIX.2D2 successfully! The ALIX has two NICs on board.
>> After configuration the interface eth0 was installed as DHCP and nothing else.
>> So i want to keep eth0 as DHCP-configured, like this:
>> auto eth0
>> iface eth0 inet dhcp
>> and installed eth1 as static, like this:
>> auto eth1
>> iface eth1 inet static
>>        address
>>        netmask
>>        broadcast
>> After reload of the networking-interfaces, the "real" eth0 interface (NIC1) answers on ping-request at the dhcp-ip ( AND at the static-ip ( too! If i connect the cable to the "real eth1 interface (NIC2), no answers on both IPs.
> What does
> # route -n

I would also be curious to see what the MAC addresses are:

"ip addr"

> show?
> And what happens if you shut down eth0 ("ifconfig eth0 down") (while

"ip link set wth0 down" is the more modern way to do this.

> beeing connected to eth1)?

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