Updating an old version of MPD

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Updating an old version of MPD

Thomas Maxwell
I have a mini-PC with an Intel 945GCLF2 motherboard
(Intel 82945GC chipset + Intel GMA 950 graphics)
It is running Voyage MPD 0.7.0 (which was expanded
  to include the above hardware).  It serves as a
stand-alone digital music source (via USB to external
DAC) to my hi-fi.

I was wondering whether it would be possible to upgrade
  the OS to a later version and would appreciate advice on
  how to do it (if it is possible).
(I need minimal graphics (Xorg) to run Sonata)

Should I try to update/upgrade the key audio
components (Alsa, MPD, Sonata) via apt-get
or would that cause incompatabilities with MPD 0.7.0

Should I try to update/upgrade the whole system
  via apt-get update or upgrade.

Or should I try a new install of 0.9.5 or 0.10.0.
   (My concern here is a hardware incompatibility with the new OS)

Thanks -- Tom

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