Voyage Linux 0.10.0 released

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Voyage Linux 0.10.0 released

Kim-man 'Punky' TSE-2
Voyage Linux 0.10.0 with Debian 8.0 Jessie is finally released today.  
Kernel is now updated to 3.16 series.  This release is still using
sysvinit as the system and service manager instead of systemd in jessie
default installation.

All Voyage Linux users please note that the release cycle of Voyage
Linux would be longer in the next releases, at 6-9 months for a new
release.  Nevertheless, there are still some planned enhancements in the
pipeline, e.g. linux kernel 4.0, grub2 and EFI support.

Voyage Linux Distro:
     [i386] -
     [amd64] -

Voyage Linux Live CD:
     [i386] -
     [amd64] -


0.10.0 (01 May 2015)
- [kernel] linux-image-3.16.7-ckt9-voyage_16.0-1 for Voyage Linux
     - [general] enable cgroup
     - [general] enable EFI support
     - [fs] enable squashfs xattr
     - [leds] enable libata leds
- [kernel] linux-image-3.14.12-voyage-rt-rt9_15.2-1 for Voyage MPD
     - [general] enable cgroup
     - [general] enable EFI support
     - [fs] enable squashfs xattr
- [general/live]
     - update to Debain Jessie 8.0
     - [general] update sshd config for jessie
     - [general] chnage to 3.16.7 kernel for Voyage Linux only
     - [general] add shairport package for MPD
     - [general] update to use 0.10 repo
     - [live] add voyage repo for binary
     - [live] update build script for jessie build
     - [live] update package lists for jessie build
     - [live] build with debian jessie 8.0
     - [live] Use live-build 4.0.x
     - [live] support for live-image prefix for live image file name
     - [live] fix pxelinux.0 not found
     - [live] fix ldlinux.c32 not found
- [mpd] 0.19.9-1
     - new upstream release
- [voyage-util] 0.16
     - force create fs in
     - set hostname to voyage when install
     - change motd version to 0.10.0
     - prepare for jessie
     - update copyright

Your support is crucial and encourages us to deliver Voyage Linux
releases on regular basis in future.  If you found Voyage Linux useful
or have been making money from it, please express your appreciation and
encourage further work on this project via donation:

For support or get involved in Voyage Linux, please check at:

Kim-man "Punky" Tse

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