Voyage MPD 0.10.0 released

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Voyage MPD 0.10.0 released

Kim-man 'Punky' TSE-2
Following Voyage Linux 0.10.0, We are pleased to announce a new release
of Voyage MPD[1] 0.10.0 release.

Voyage MPD
     [tarball] -
     [Live CD] -

This release is based on Voyage Linux 0.10.0 with Debian 8.0, which was
released on 26 Apr 2015 .  See ChangeLog[2] for more information about
changes in 0.10.0 release.   In this release, kernel continues to use
3.14.12 real-time kernel but MPD version is updated to 0.19.9.  This
version also added AirPlay supoprt via the pre-installed shairport daemon.

For more information about Voyage MPD, please visit:
[1] Voyage MPD -
[2] ChangeLog - 

If you found Voyage MPD useful or have been making money from it, please
express your appreciation and encourage further work on this project via

For support or get involved in Voyage Linux or MPD, please check at:

Kim-man "Punky" Tse

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