Voyage ONE 0.5.2 released

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Voyage ONE 0.5.2 released

Punky Tse-2
Voyage ONE
Voyage ONE was an un-released special edition of Voyage Linux which was
developed in 2008.  It is aimed at providing most usable server software
and make Voyage
Linux as a complete, usable product for any embedded x86 platform.

We now decided to make it available for public download.

Voyage ONE is based on Voyage Linux 0.5.2 version and it includes the
following features:

- VoIP : asterisk zaptel
- VPN and tunneling : vtun openvpn stunnel
- Meshing : AWDS batmand olsrd
- Others: aprtables iperf usbutils gpsd ntp quagga snmpd

To access asterisk-gui,
    http://<voyage IP>:8088/asterisk/static/index.html
    username: admin
    password: voyage

We would like hear your comments about Voyage ONE and discuss its
possibilities. In future, we will continue to develop Voyage ONE based
on latest Voyage Linux.  Please post your feedback to the community

Additional software installed:
aircrack-ng 1:0.6.2-7etch1
asterisk    1:1.4.14~dfsg-0.4849
asterisk-config 1:1.4.14~dfsg-0.4849
asterisk-gui    0.0.svn2268-0.5209
asterisk-h323   1:1.4.14~dfsg-0.4849
asterisk-sounds-main    1:1.4.14~dfsg-0.4849
awds    7.1
ethstatus   0.4.3
ethtool 5-1
frottle 0.2.1-1
iperf   2.0.2-2
libsnmp-base    5.2.3-7etch2
libsnmp9    5.2.3-7etch2
libusb-0.1-4    2:0.1.12-5
lighttpd    1.4.13-4etch4
ntpdate 1:4.2.2.p4+dfsg-2
olsrd   0.5.5-1
olsrd-plugins   0.5.5-1
php5-cgi    5.2.0-8+etch10
php5-common 5.2.0-8+etch10
quagga  0.99.5-5etch3
snmpd   5.2.3-7etch2
stunnel 2:3.26-dfsg-1
tcpdump 3.9.5-2etch1
usbutils    0.72-7
vtun    2.6-7
wavemon 0.4.0b-9
wondershaper    1.1a-4
zaptel  1:1.4.7.xpp.r5178-2
zaptel-firmware 1:1.4.7.xpp.r5178-2
zaptel-modules-2.6.23-486-voyage    1:1.4.9~dfsg-1+5.0-1


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