Want to direct pulseaudio stream from desktop to voyage mpd on Alix

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Want to direct pulseaudio stream from desktop to voyage mpd on Alix

Mark Schlegel

I really like Alix + Voyage mpd so far, but one function I really want
is some way to direct audio from my desktop (Fedora 22) to my Alix 2d2
running Voyage MPD. This way I could use my really good
bookshelp system (Alix + Voyage MPD + Stello DA-100/HP-100 + NHT M00
speakers) instead of the lower quality Yamaha's (which are directly
wired to the desktop) when playing audio on the desktop.

The main use case is that I want to be able to select pulse as the
device in my GMPC client and then just play albums in youtube via flash
or HTML5, then direct that to Voyage MPD via pulse.  I would guess on
the desktop that just require me to go to Pulse Audio volume control
and select that special interface.

I see that /etc/mpd.conf has a pulse entry but usually when I read about
this it's used to send audio from MPD TO the desktop via pulse.
That's the exact opposite of what I want.

A long time ago I sort of worked out a workaround but it was really
complicated. Basically I made an icecast service on my Fedora box, then
made MPD see my desktop as an Icecast source. So I was directing pulse
on the desktop to icecast, then broadcasting like an internet radio
station on my lan.
I did this because I had such good luck in playing internet radio on
Voyage mpd and so I knew this would work.  The negative with this is
it seems to have very bad delay, okay for audio albums but intolerable
for movies.


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