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Hi gentlemen,

I am new here, but I do use Voyage for a lot of years (5+) at WRAPs and
Alices with pretty good results. Thus - thanks to all the developers,
well done!

For now, I purchased an APU 2c2 board for some tests, since I found,
that Voy 0.11 offers a config option for APU2. The system runs flawless
from a Class 10 SD, but I did not found the supporting modules for LEDs,
button and GPIOs (at the other hand, GPIOs in an BIOS UART mode look
promising and Voy fetches them without any problem as 8250). But, with
the toggling of some individulal GPIOs I am out of the game.

Thus, I am looking for those modules. Yes, there is a possibility to
compile 3rd party solution (there are some solutions at Github), but I
want to stick at the "packaged" distro as far, as possible, to avoid
problems with 3rd party modules at the apt-get upgrading etc.

Let me ask the developers, is there any idea to include those modules to
the future versions of Voy distro? Or did I missed something?

Thanks to the answer(s) and have a nice day

Karel Julis

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