stuck while creating a load balance router

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stuck while creating a load balance router

tux john
i do have an ALIX 2D13 with voyage 0.9.2.
since i do have an awful adsl connection, i have decided to build a loadbalance router
to have:
-a usb stick wifi wlan0 (300kbps allowance)
-a usb stick 3g (10GB/month allowance)
-eth0( connected to dsl router (
i have followed the following two links
to configure the 3g stick.

my /etc/network/interfaces has
auto wlan0
iface wlan0 inet static
        wpa-ssid "Com_SAT_PLUS "
        wpa-psk "wh@t3v3r123 "
        up eth1 wlan0  ""
auto eth0
  iface eth0 inet static
auto eth1
  iface eth1 inet static

 but u can access the internet only from the wlan, and nothing else. even if i disconnect the
wlan, i do not have access to internet.
could someone help me to configure the system for load balance per session, please?

It is really important to have internet access at all times and if there are more sessions to use different wan each time. the ones that are available.

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